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Welcome to ETS (English Teaching Skype) where you can learn or teach English online with Skype, right here and now. 


If you want to learn English all you need is Skype and a headset. You can choose from any of our online lesson plans and schedule your classes anytime, any day. You can learn Business English, General English, Travel English or Kids English. We have customized lessons for students of all ages, level, and profession.

Our method is simple yet effective. The class is always one on one with the teacher for maximum results. The student gets to practice speaking at his own pace and time.

The student's needs and performance are regularly assessed and recorded. The teacher targets the student's weaknesses by giving more practical exercises and immediately correcting grammatical mistakes. The student gets more exposure to the language through our website's features. If you want to learn English please apply here. 

We are a new company and are looking for some more teachers as soon as possible. Our student applications are increasing and so is the demand for teachers. If your are interested in a teaching position please apply here.

Life as a TEFL Teacher

I have worked in a few different countries, not only as a TEFL teacher, and each time the job, accommodation and friends have come as one package. But how do you make friends when the job and accommodation are sorted out, but you find yourself living alone and working with couples who all seem to be settled? How do you make your own friends then? In November 2007, this was my challenge.

English has its millionth word!

TEFL Teaching is hard enough as it is without the language growing bigger by the day! Well this month marks a milestone for English as the language officially gets its 1,000,000th word. A company in the US keeps track of words being used and any new words or word forms. Global Language Monitor keeps track of new words appearing in global print, social network sites such as twitter and Youtube, electronic media and internet blogs and uses what’s called a Predictive Quantities Indicator system to determine whether a word is used enough to warrant being called a word”.  

No experience necessary?

Ross Davies went on a crash Tefl course and flew to Japan to teach English unprepared. Disillusioned, he tells his story...

Like many new graduates pondering what to do after university, I enrolled on a Tefl course. Though the prospect of mixing travel with employment was alluring, I discovered I was ill-prepared.I decided to try my luck as a Tefl teacher in June 2006, to combat the months of anti-climax after graduation.

Discover 7 Essential Core Teaching Strategies Needed to Become a Terrific Teacher

At times, teachers may feel inundated with theories, methodologies, teaching strategies, etc.etc.etc. Please keep in mind that this is your class, your students and only YOU know your own limits.
As I have told my student teachers, and new or inexperienced teachers that I have mentored; observe, if you can, different teachers and take note of their teaching strategies and read about advice that experienced teachers have written. Then, decide which strategies are best and which fit your teaching style with your students.

Here are my top "7 Essential Core Teaching Strategies" that have held true for me throughout my 30 plus years of teaching from K-6.



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